Monday, October 14, 2013

Run @ Templer's Park (11/10/13). Hare: Laurel Chin

Welcoming us. A bunch of them scavenging for food.

Coming out before 6pm
Getting ready

I'm looking for my pet crocodile. Anyone seen it ?

Frolicking at the waterfall

Itchybhai on JM left. He survived an ordeal to tell a tale. See story below.

Her full salutations, "Her Pornographic Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Turd, The Porn Queen of the Klang Karaoke Joint"
Aptly living up to his hash name, Yakity Yak. Yak, yak, yak only. 

Have an op his right knee and soon on the left. His real agony? Abstinence of alcohol on medical ground. Aaaargh, give me my beer before I go mad !!!

Go forth and blog without fear or favor.

'Six course' of home cook meal. Nothing spectacular. Enough to fill empty stomachs.

In Summary
It is good to note that of late some members have been setting their runs beyond the Klang Valley. With easy assess through all the expressways getting to today's run site was not too difficult, albeit you may have to incur some toll charges. A respectable crowd of 40 turned up. 

Weather wise, it was a cool evening due to the earlier late morning downpour. When we saw the hare and his co-hares coming out before 6pm all indication showed that it won't be a long run.

This being a forest reserved area, the starting trail was mainly jungle path with fallen tree trunks and protruding roots. As we gradually made the ascend, if you have managed to reach the top before the trail deviated sideway and thereafter down hill without any shortness of breath, you would have passed the treadmill test which meant that in all likelihood that you may not have clogged or blocked arteries. Yeh, big hand to that ! ( Of course, don't forget your regular medical check up !!! )

Before the run started GM made an announcement that we should take caution due to some slippery condition. When we reached the waterfall area, some members took the opportunity to frolic in the water area. Yak was truly enjoying himself and enticing the others to join him, scribe included.

That point onwards it was steep downhill all the way. Boulders were scattered all way and we have to throw caution as we made our way down due to the slippery conditions. Home was through a long stretch of man made steps (easily more than 50) finally passing through a camping site. 1st runner under an hour and last one out at about 7:40pm. Distance covered approx. 2.75km. 

Post circle, everyone were eager to meet the "star" of the evening, Itchybhai, one of the co-hares. The story goes like this. ( Any error is regretted ). Last year while trying to do a recce ( I think? ) in the vicinity of this area, he fell. His mobile went kaput and lost contact with the outside world. He was only found after 5 days and 4 nights in the jungle by a search party group led by a orang asli. The area where he was found, even the orang asli fear to thread. He survived merely by drinking water only. This unfortunate episode have not diminished his hashing spirit.

My 2Cts Worth
A sensible and considerate run, being the time of the year where daylight is short. Being unfamiliar, the hare have seek good advice from his co- hares who are experienced in this area. Quite surprise that KH4 is running here the first time, considering the opened and nice car park. Area wise, there's much to offer. Recce is a must, unless the hare is prepare to so a Itchybhai stunt !

My only qualm is that the hare SHOULD NOT be coming out before the run starts. The simple reason being that if he does, we would know how the run is set and thus we can anticipate where home is. One of the basic rule of hashing is about to be consigned to the waste bin. What a shame ! ( Oh, by the way. My run is coming in a few weeks time. Catch me if you can !!! Pun intended ).

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