Saturday, September 28, 2013

Health Benefits of Eating Bananas

Who would have thought that the horned shaped, delicious fruit we know as a banana, is one of mother natures most helpful, energizing, and healing fruits that she ever created! Bananas are miracle fruits, due to the sheer amount of diseases and conditions they help fight and prevent, and two bananas a day should be included in your diet if you want to reap the rewards of such a powerful fruit.
Bananas contain three naturally occurring sugars, which we know as fructose, glucose, and sucrose. Couple that with the fiber content in a banana, it's no wonder that professional athletes and regular every day people eat bananas pre-workout, post workout, and everywhere in between. It's also a great snack for the kids before, during, and after school.
But as we talked about earlier, the banana has an array of disease and condition fighting powerhouse nutrients - so here are some of the benefits of eating bananas for your health:
Great for blood pressure - Since the banana is high in potassium and low in sodium, it makes a perfect natural defense for high blood pressure. As a matter of fact, the USDA recently allowed the banana industry to make claims of the fruits ability to prevent high blood pressure and even stroke symptoms.
Food For Thought - There have been multiple education based studies that show eating bananas before school, at lunch, breaks, and at lunch, improve test scores overall performance by measurable results. The potassium blast helps to naturally energize the brain and makes students more alert and receptive.
Backed Up? As you may or may not know, bananas are jam packed with colon cleansing fiber. This helps promote and restore regular bowel movements, and is a safe, natural alternative to laxatives. Eating a banana a day makes for good toilet time.
Got The Blues? Many studies and research have proven that eating bananas can take the edge off depression, due to the fact that they contain Tryptophan, which is a type of protein that gets converted in the body to Serotonin. Serotonin helps you relax, makes you feel happy, and generally improves your mood.
Got the Burn? Since they have a naturally occurring antacid effect in the body, bananas help get rid of heart burn after eating your favorite (but miserable) foods. So after you chow down that pepperoni pizza, make sure to have a banana for dessert to keep your stomach a happy camper.
That Time Of The Month? Get rid of the Midol, and turn to Mother Nature's solution for PMS - the banana! Bananas contain vitamin B6 which helps regulate blood sugar levels, which, in turn, can have a positive effect on your mood.
Kick The Habit - Bananas have been shown to help smokers kick their habits because the vitamin B12 and B6 they contain, along with the potassium and magnesium, helps in recovering from the effects of nicotine withdrawal (which can be a very unpleasant feeling - trust me, I know!)
So remember when someone says, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", you can politely add in that a banana a day has about four times the effect! Bananas are definitely one of nature's super fruits, and you should be eating them regularly. Your mind, heart, and colon will thank you.

This article was published in NY Wellness Guide and was written by Ryan L. Pingates

Monday, September 23, 2013

Run @ Pantai Hill. Hare: Loud Chick (20/9/13)

Hash orchestra in session

Hare & Co-Hares

Potential Grand Mistress practicing her oratory and mis(s) management skills

Another victim

Eye in the sky ???

Loyar Burok & Parcel finishing the final ascend

KL Skyline atop Gasing Hill

Another view

2nd check. 

Starting trial

Getting ready for the run

In Summary
As expected, it was an uncomplicated run. There was one major climb which gave a good cardio workout and thereafter we went through some undulating terrain along mainly trodden path. Checks were easily broken and connected by FROP'S with a good home run. No jungle bashing. 

1st runner out under 1 hour and the rest out at about 7:35pm. Total distance covered was approx. 4.5km. Weather wise, it was a bit warm with about 40++ present. The usual stuff followed, circle, some announcements and makan time. No major controversies for yours truly to rant. 

Probably one very disappointed person, namely RA 2, Yak, who was erroneously omitted to go on the box. He was ready with his dollar worth of speech to preach. Hallelujah !!! In fact he brought along his better half to today's run so she can admired his oratory skill. She was probably just as disappointed as him. He promised payback time next week to the GM & JM for this blunder. 

My 2Cts Worth
Bukit Gasing, one of the few green lungs left in the Klang Valley and though much "prostituted" still have much to offer if one knows the area well and a recce will add bonus to the run. Even if one is not too familiar, a good sense of direction will ensure that a good run can be set as Baby Croc and his babes showed today. By the way, he was the only rose among the thorns, or is it the other way around ?

Hyper Smash Pingates

Monday, September 16, 2013

Run @ Templer's Park (13/9/13). Hare: Parcel @ Larry Chong

A Pictorial Review

Free T given by the hare. Horrible design! Where's the date & runsite

Last runner out. Park City GM, Toothless Tiger. Time: 11:10pm
Penultimate runner out. Music Ranger. Time: 11:08pm
Intoxicated? Meditating?  Probably having his 2 mins of wet dream ! 
Q during dinner time

RA 2 on the box. About to do his christening

Scribe being punished for suggesting Run Master to be replaced
Doing a little commercial for my blog.
Hare & Co-Hares. 
Lady guest showing the latest hash dance
Verbal warfare with the GM . Don't f..k around with me.Same to you

Excuse me, something slimy just crawled into my short
As from tonite I shall be known as Fishy Omega Oil

In Summary

Credit to the hare for taking the initiative to set the run in a new place as this is the first time KH4 is running here. Due to the earlier downpour, the whole run was screwed up as the terrain was made slippery, soggy and treacherous as at certain stretches the incline was quite steep. We have to hold on to the branches and what not for support to pull our way up. 

Going down slope was equally tough, with some stretches having almost vertical terrain and we have to use our bumps for support as we slide down. All of us came out muddied, with bruised bumps, thorn pricked hands and some unlucky few, leeches for company. 

1st runner out at about 8:30pm. It could have been worst ! When we reached the 2nd and 3rd checks there were total darkness and Ubat have to call the hare/co hare for the connecting trail as the FROP's, Yak & Lucky Cock were having difficulty breaking them.

When the two guests, a male and female came out at about 9:40pm we taught they were the last but upon doing a head count we soon discovered that Music Ranger and the GM of Park City Hash, Toothless Tiger were still inside.

A search party was on standby when contact was made with the lost group. They duly informed us that they have found papers and there was no need to go in and look for them. A round of applause greeted them with they reached the beer wagon. 

The hare must be one relieved person! Being remorseful, he was buying beers and stouts to nullify the grievances. It worked! 

My 2Cts Worth
When you have Runmaster, Prince Charming as one of the co-hare, the probability of a screwed up run is high. History will bear testament to my statement. As Yak aptly mentioned, " He never learn !!!" Likewise members will agree. 

When you don't recce and the compass is your only guide, be afraid, be very afraid when you seek his counsel. The only compliment I can pay to him is, he'll render his service with any fuss, a couple of beers will do him fine,  but NOT when setting the run, which was what happened today. Niamahfullat !!! Again, he never learned!!!

We almost completed a mini Hash Challenge when you take into consideration the terrain that we went through. In retrospect, it would have been a good sweat out have the weather not play havoc or that the daylight is longer or if the hare have use his common sense.

HyperSmash Pingates

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hashing. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A quick riddle. What offers you wholesome fun, good fellowship, a good sweat out and where you can speak in expletives language without having dumb blank faces staring back at you. Clue. It's a four letter word. 

Answer : Hash. Ah ??? Can't blame you, if you haven't heard about it. Read on to find out more.

There is no perfect definition of hash, but it can be loosely characterized as a running club with a drinking problem or a drinking club with a running problem. You called that fun! Simply put, hash need to be experienced to be enjoyed. The fact that it's found in every corner of the globe means that there is something magical about it.

The Good
Being a non competitive sport, hash does not offer prize for coming in 1st. Therefore individual can pace their run according to their abilities. If you are fit, run at your level, otherwise take a stroll or brisk walk and if you encounter a tough terrain, take a break. The whole objective is to have a good sweat out, which you are ensured if you complete a run.

Fellowship followed next, which are in abundance if you learn to leave your ego at home or keep it in check. Hash does not discriminate as no criteria is required to become a member. Members comprised of professionals as well as ordinary folks on the street. No intelligence is needed,  just a functional grey matter will be acceptable.

The whole hash community and culture is based on another four letter word : BEER. This golden fluid breaks down any barrier when it comes to communication. Strangers can become your friends overnight.

The Bad
There are some selfish FROP's (front runners on papers), on breaking a check does not shout On On to enable the continuing trail to be connected so that they can be the 1st runner out even though there is no prize for that. 

Because of these, the back or slow runners may encounter difficulty to follow the trail and there are situation where they got lost or disoriented. When questioned, the FROP's will plead ignorance and cocked up some codswallop stories. 

Alcohol is bad. Any Tom, Dick and Harry will attest to that. So is too much sex ! ( We'll leave the debate for another day ). The moral of the story is, when things are done in moderation, we'll have a hunky-dory time. If you choose to consume above your threshold, then you are inviting trouble. Don't blame beer for your malaise. 

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely ! Hash is no difference. Being a GM (grand master) for a prolong period can allow a person to lust for power and their reluctance to give up and pass on this position to the next person may result in clash of personalities. If not resolve amicably the club may suffer as a result.

Manipulation of club funds? Too complicated to scribe. These tasks require the intervention of the CIA, FBI & KGB. Pun intended.

The Ugly
People died running in the hash. Getting lost in the jungle and coming out past midnight. Hasher having an accident on the way home after their weekly runs. You probably have heard those horror stories. Sound like it's a war zone in hashing ! Truth be told, it's definitely safer running in the hash than driving on the Malaysian roads.

There are some element of truth to that, of course. But is hash the cause ? Looking at the bigger, the real scenario would be human elements. These would not have materialized if common sense have prevail. 

Like getting lost ! If hashers follow the paper trail and do not short cut and connected them properly such mishaps will not occurred. 

Dropping dead in the jungle ? This occurred because you may have a cardiovascular problem and not is not aware of your condition as certain part of the run may impose some strenuous effect on your heart. 

The tragedy is unlikely to happen to a senior hashers as they are seasoned enough to face the challenge. Members bringing new guests should therefore briefed them on what to expect in a hash run. Ignorance to do is at your own peril.

As for accident, if one consume within your limit, getting home safely shouldn't be an issue or play safe by asking your other half to become a member. While you get yourself intoxicated, she can be on the wheels to drive you back and not only that, she may have to bear with your snoring and smelly breath. Being a good hubby you probably know what to do to pacify her for the inconveniences. 

Despite all these issues, hashing have prevailed. No one is bigger than the club. Therefore, for all the good, the bad and the ugly and what not that can manifest, collectively, members of the club will ensure that good sense prevail and the hashing fraternity will not be jeopardize because of some smart alec personal agenda, ignorance or stupidity.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Present Time

My sojourn lasted about 3 years. There were lots of new faces on my return as membership have swelled to about 100. Not only that, running terrains have shifted to secondary jungles instead of regular oil palm and rubber estates due to development in the Klang valley.

On On and triple On were no longer practiced as food was mainly served on site with the occasional trip to a restaurant if the hare is generous enough to throw a treat. At times, circles were conducted with a mixture of English and certain Chinese dialects to cater to some non English speaking members, which never happened in the early years.

Due to the increase in numbers in membership, factions are bound to arise and being humans not everyone can agree to disagree, thus small issues get blown out of proportion and the usual verbal but thankfully not physical threats were exchanged. The moniker, "Don't fcuk around with me!" became infamous.

Klang Hash successfully hosted its 30th Anniversary Celebration on Nov, 2011 at Genting Highland. Everyone, from the organizing committee to the ordinary members played their roles to host the 3 days 2 nights event to participants from local as well as overseas chapters.

What's Next ???
It's no secret that there is a internal bickering going on in the chapter right now. Some have resigned to show their protest against the current office bearers. While this is their  prerogative, we have to see things in a bigger picture. 

What was our initial intention when we joined the hash? Most likely to get our weekly doses of  exercise, fellowship, camaraderie and golden fluid or maybe an excuse to escape from the 'clutches' of our bosses, other half's and kids. Right??? Why spoiled our weekly rendezvous by being petty over silly matters or just being upset by someone 2cts worth.

While everyone have their split personalities, alter egos and what not and we can't be buddy buddy with each other, hashing will be a better experience if we learn to leave all those behind when we come to the run site. 

During these period, any tour of duty beckoned. I served as a one term RA (religious adviser) and Joint Master. 

Oh .... and one more thing, despite being a 'senior' and hashing for more than 20 odd years, I remained a one chapter hash man, for better or for worse. Come every Friday, missing a run was never an option in the early years, but since then, family and other priorities have taken precedent. 

After all, we have only one life to live. Let not others or circumstances dictate or irritate us otherwise. As the man said in his song, " Learning to love yourself it's the greatest love of all".