Monday, September 16, 2013

Run @ Templer's Park (13/9/13). Hare: Parcel @ Larry Chong

A Pictorial Review

Free T given by the hare. Horrible design! Where's the date & runsite

Last runner out. Park City GM, Toothless Tiger. Time: 11:10pm
Penultimate runner out. Music Ranger. Time: 11:08pm
Intoxicated? Meditating?  Probably having his 2 mins of wet dream ! 
Q during dinner time

RA 2 on the box. About to do his christening

Scribe being punished for suggesting Run Master to be replaced
Doing a little commercial for my blog.
Hare & Co-Hares. 
Lady guest showing the latest hash dance
Verbal warfare with the GM . Don't f..k around with me.Same to you

Excuse me, something slimy just crawled into my short
As from tonite I shall be known as Fishy Omega Oil

In Summary

Credit to the hare for taking the initiative to set the run in a new place as this is the first time KH4 is running here. Due to the earlier downpour, the whole run was screwed up as the terrain was made slippery, soggy and treacherous as at certain stretches the incline was quite steep. We have to hold on to the branches and what not for support to pull our way up. 

Going down slope was equally tough, with some stretches having almost vertical terrain and we have to use our bumps for support as we slide down. All of us came out muddied, with bruised bumps, thorn pricked hands and some unlucky few, leeches for company. 

1st runner out at about 8:30pm. It could have been worst ! When we reached the 2nd and 3rd checks there were total darkness and Ubat have to call the hare/co hare for the connecting trail as the FROP's, Yak & Lucky Cock were having difficulty breaking them.

When the two guests, a male and female came out at about 9:40pm we taught they were the last but upon doing a head count we soon discovered that Music Ranger and the GM of Park City Hash, Toothless Tiger were still inside.

A search party was on standby when contact was made with the lost group. They duly informed us that they have found papers and there was no need to go in and look for them. A round of applause greeted them with they reached the beer wagon. 

The hare must be one relieved person! Being remorseful, he was buying beers and stouts to nullify the grievances. It worked! 

My 2Cts Worth
When you have Runmaster, Prince Charming as one of the co-hare, the probability of a screwed up run is high. History will bear testament to my statement. As Yak aptly mentioned, " He never learn !!!" Likewise members will agree. 

When you don't recce and the compass is your only guide, be afraid, be very afraid when you seek his counsel. The only compliment I can pay to him is, he'll render his service with any fuss, a couple of beers will do him fine,  but NOT when setting the run, which was what happened today. Niamahfullat !!! Again, he never learned!!!

We almost completed a mini Hash Challenge when you take into consideration the terrain that we went through. In retrospect, it would have been a good sweat out have the weather not play havoc or that the daylight is longer or if the hare have use his common sense.

HyperSmash Pingates

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