Monday, September 23, 2013

Run @ Pantai Hill. Hare: Loud Chick (20/9/13)

Hash orchestra in session

Hare & Co-Hares

Potential Grand Mistress practicing her oratory and mis(s) management skills

Another victim

Eye in the sky ???

Loyar Burok & Parcel finishing the final ascend

KL Skyline atop Gasing Hill

Another view

2nd check. 

Starting trial

Getting ready for the run

In Summary
As expected, it was an uncomplicated run. There was one major climb which gave a good cardio workout and thereafter we went through some undulating terrain along mainly trodden path. Checks were easily broken and connected by FROP'S with a good home run. No jungle bashing. 

1st runner out under 1 hour and the rest out at about 7:35pm. Total distance covered was approx. 4.5km. Weather wise, it was a bit warm with about 40++ present. The usual stuff followed, circle, some announcements and makan time. No major controversies for yours truly to rant. 

Probably one very disappointed person, namely RA 2, Yak, who was erroneously omitted to go on the box. He was ready with his dollar worth of speech to preach. Hallelujah !!! In fact he brought along his better half to today's run so she can admired his oratory skill. She was probably just as disappointed as him. He promised payback time next week to the GM & JM for this blunder. 

My 2Cts Worth
Bukit Gasing, one of the few green lungs left in the Klang Valley and though much "prostituted" still have much to offer if one knows the area well and a recce will add bonus to the run. Even if one is not too familiar, a good sense of direction will ensure that a good run can be set as Baby Croc and his babes showed today. By the way, he was the only rose among the thorns, or is it the other way around ?

Hyper Smash Pingates

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