Wednesday, January 15, 2014

10 Reasons Why You Should Join The Hash

1) "Life is like a box of chocolate. You'll never know what you gonna get." So is hashing. Every run will turn out differently even though we may be running in the same area repeatedly and you'll never know what you gonna get at the end of the day. An easy run! A fcuk up run! A bloody long, kau kau run! That's for starter. The real fun and fellowship begins later part of the evening during the 'circle'.

2) No qualification is required to be a member. The hashing fraternity does not recognize intellectual. You can be stupid as stupid does and no one gives a damn, whether you are a doctor, engineer, lawyer or janitor, as long as you abide by the rules of the club.

3) Hashing is not a race. There's no price for coming out first. Thus, you run, walk, hobble at your own pace, depending on your health condition and fitness level. Some common sense are require at times when you encounter some difficulties during the run.
4) It's easy to make friends in the hash. In hashing, we welcome you with open arms and not the other way around, unless you are an true anti social where your true dwelling should be in the cave.

5) Beer is our best friend and by drinking beer we shall be best of friends, even though there are some non drinkers in the hash. What enticed them to join the hash? Is it the girls, guys, gays, exercise, camaraderie etc etc ??? A little bit of everything, perhaps !

6) Hashing helps you to de-stress. If you are all stress up and no place to go, hashing is the antidote. Beside having your regular dose of exercise, you can speak freely any obnoxious languages conceivable, doing obscene acts, talk cock and bull stories, without having dumb blank faces staring at you. A small caveat though, do it in moderation. You never know someone maybe having a short fuse on the day and decided to explode. 

7) You don't pay exorbitant fee to be a member. Memberships varies from each chapter to chapter but only a small sum compared to what you are going to pay to join one of those gyms in town. An added bonus in hash is that you get to enjoy some of those 'freebies' mentioned above for free. 

8) Hashing is found in everyone corners of the world. Should you be traveling and miss the hash bug, you can always contact one of those local chapters and they will surely welcome you with open arms and if you are lucky, maybe with open legs too! ( Just joking! )

9) Just like politics, there are no permanent friends or enemies in the hash. Today we could be quarreling and the next we would be sitting down having a beer or two, as if nothing had happened. But playing politics is not encourage or condone in the hash. Anyone doing so will not only have dumb blank faces staring at you but also some smart alec's giving you the middle finger and a true asshole telling you to fcuk off !

10) Hashing is an inexpensive sport. At best you need to invest in a good pair of trail shoes for the serious runners, whereas the casual ones would need a pair of comfortable foot wear for jungle trekking. That would be your only investment. As for attire, there are no needs to buy all those expensive branded stuff. Over the years you would have accumulated tons of T-shirts which you are unlikely to finish wearing in a lifetime and not forgetting all the freebies and goodies that are occasionally given out at special 'runs' to commemorate an event.

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