Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Present Time

My sojourn lasted about 3 years. There were lots of new faces on my return as membership have swelled to about 100. Not only that, running terrains have shifted to secondary jungles instead of regular oil palm and rubber estates due to development in the Klang valley.

On On and triple On were no longer practiced as food was mainly served on site with the occasional trip to a restaurant if the hare is generous enough to throw a treat. At times, circles were conducted with a mixture of English and certain Chinese dialects to cater to some non English speaking members, which never happened in the early years.

Due to the increase in numbers in membership, factions are bound to arise and being humans not everyone can agree to disagree, thus small issues get blown out of proportion and the usual verbal but thankfully not physical threats were exchanged. The moniker, "Don't fcuk around with me!" became infamous.

Klang Hash successfully hosted its 30th Anniversary Celebration on Nov, 2011 at Genting Highland. Everyone, from the organizing committee to the ordinary members played their roles to host the 3 days 2 nights event to participants from local as well as overseas chapters.

What's Next ???
It's no secret that there is a internal bickering going on in the chapter right now. Some have resigned to show their protest against the current office bearers. While this is their  prerogative, we have to see things in a bigger picture. 

What was our initial intention when we joined the hash? Most likely to get our weekly doses of  exercise, fellowship, camaraderie and golden fluid or maybe an excuse to escape from the 'clutches' of our bosses, other half's and kids. Right??? Why spoiled our weekly rendezvous by being petty over silly matters or just being upset by someone 2cts worth.

While everyone have their split personalities, alter egos and what not and we can't be buddy buddy with each other, hashing will be a better experience if we learn to leave all those behind when we come to the run site. 

During these period, any tour of duty beckoned. I served as a one term RA (religious adviser) and Joint Master. 

Oh .... and one more thing, despite being a 'senior' and hashing for more than 20 odd years, I remained a one chapter hash man, for better or for worse. Come every Friday, missing a run was never an option in the early years, but since then, family and other priorities have taken precedent. 

After all, we have only one life to live. Let not others or circumstances dictate or irritate us otherwise. As the man said in his song, " Learning to love yourself it's the greatest love of all".

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