Friday, August 23, 2013

The Early Years

My love affair with Klang Hash started in the early 80's. Back then, membership was bordering on the odd 20++ members. Hashing terrains were mainly oil palm and rubber estates, before all the highways and byways started to sprout out. Driving a few km into the estate was quite a norm, with layers of dust on our cars as a 'reward' for our effort, but we'll still turned up, come rain or shine. 

Being a small knitted group, there were hardly any politics going on in the club. GM  position was not a coveted one and and AGM was a dull affair, without any controversies. Internet was non existence and newsletters were photostated and mailed out to members. Run sites were described in details on the newsletter so that members can find their way there. GPS. Never heard of it !!!

Circle was a short affair, with just some quick announcements. Dinner, or what was then termed, OnOn was usually at a nearby restaurant. The standard rule was everyone chipped in $5 and the hare will topped up the balance of the bill amount. Beer was pay as you consumed. 

If some of us feel that the night is still young, we would proceed to one of those pubs (there were plentifully) to continue our merriment. It's called the Triple On. The standard rule again was everyone chipped in $$$ into the pool to pay for the beers and when it is emptied we chipped in again! 3 piece, duo or solo band were the norm and we were well entertained. Karaoke??? Sound like a flying object from outer space !!!

The only blemish during these period was that Klang Hash got de-registered because one smart alec have a personal vendetta against the GM and reported it to the ROS. Eventually matters got sorted out due to the effort of the On-Sec. Nevertheless during these dark period we still continued with our weekly runs.

Holding a position in the club was an honored one. My first tour of duty was being the On-Sec, a position I held for 4/5 years, a short one term On-Cash, culminating as the GM in 1994. Due to family responsibilities (just got married lah!), I only served one term.  I took a sojourn from KH4 in 1998 because of work commitment in Johor.

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