Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Run @ Bkt.Tinggi (27/9/13). Hare: ACDC

Caught in the act! Khuntai & Hash Tired

Water rationing in Klg ? Siphoning water to take back?

Baby banana- Left    Mama banana-Right

Parcel talking to Yak, "I maybe slow but I"m ahead of you"
Leader of the pack, Messy,coming out from the in trail

Hare and his half dozen co hares

KH4 Guitar Men

Waiting for dinner to be serve

Music Ranger serenading More Messy

In Summary
An outstation run for KH4. A run was set here a couple of weeks ago by Hash Tired and today's hare, ACDC was probably impressed and thus seek the counsel of the runmaster of that day,
Messy, to be his chief engineer for this run. 
A respectable crowd of 40+ were present. Weather wise, it was overcast with rain clouds but it behaved well until towards the latter part of the evening, where raindrops started to trickle and we have to make a quick dash to the restaurant for dinner.
About 5:30pm, three co-hares appeared from the in trial. When queried, they told us that they hit the home trail coming out and being on the 'geriatric' side were advised to come out while the rest of the pack continued to venture further.
A few of us were probably treating this run with trepidation but these fears were squashed when on the way in we met the leader of the pack, Messy who assuringly mentioned, "Don't worry, easy run. Just go in and come out only lah". But the look of Gigantor, one of the co-hare told a different story. His facial expression bore the look of an exhausted person !
All said, it was a simple run. The starting trail was a gradual long climb. We seemed to be going in endlessly until we came to the 3rd check where the hare has informed us that we should make a detour and hit home, which we did. It was about 6:50pm, but coming out, the FROP's took less than 10 mins !!!
1st runner under an hour and all back by 7:20pm. Distance covered was approx. 3.1km. During circle, yours truly gathered from Loud Cock that they looking for a new trail but encountered difficulty. Thus the exhausted look of Gigantor and probably an intended longer run was cut short. The whole stretch of the run was like doing a jungle trekking, not enough for the FROP's but a good workout for the rest.
With circle cut short for fear of the rain, we proceed to the nearby restaurant for dinner. 4 tables were filled up. There were a lot of leftovers in the 7 course dinner due to big serving. 

My 2Cts Worth

With limited, much prostituted and diminishing run sites in the Klang Valley, it is refreshing once awhile to have an outstation run. A big thank you to the hare for the effort and also for seeking good counsel to ensure that we don't have a fcuk up run. 
The treat in the restaurant make the long drive worthwhile. Nevertheless, as hardcores, we would have come to the run for much less. As this is the time of the year where daylight is short, those in the Hare Q should take note of the pitfalls in setting a 'kau kau' run. Trying to be a smart alec will not earn you brownie points !

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