Monday, October 21, 2013

Run @ Sg.Buloh (18/10/13). Virgin Hare: Oily

L-R: Ex GM. Current GM. Potential GM. Next GM ?

Car Park. Cemetery at back ground. If you are sharp enough you'll notice those spiritual thing floating in the air.

Oily, Messy & Left ball, plus 4 or 5 busy bodies who tagged along to help carry the papers and beers (?).

Noisy neighbors. Constant irritant to the circle, in particular to Music Ranger. Even GM couldn't cunt-trol them !

GM to guest, " R u still a V? "

See story below.

I'm in a trance. Those who want a 4D forecast please kneel before me.

A fairy once told me, "Constantly sitting on ice will restore my virginity "

Looks maybe deceiving. Taste better than it looks!

Same here. Hardly any left overs.

In Summary
Where people fear to thread, a Hasher may soon discover a new running trail. Today's run site will attest to that. After we exit the Sg. Buloh toll we made a few turns thru a Malay kampong and then parked our cars smack next to a ........ Chinese cemetery !!! Whoever discovered this area has got to be congratulated. 

Second time KH4 is running here, the first being Yak's run a month or so back. Just as the run began a slight drizzle started. Bad omen? We had a promising start, meandering casually thru the jungle path, crossing a stream twice. 

If there is an award for Husband of the Year, it should be given to Ubat. Why? At the stream area yours truly saw Lai Chee piggy ride on Ubat to cross this benign stretch, ( which at most will not cost you 5 steps ) not once but twice. I kid you not! All for the purpose of not getting her shoes wet, which was all in vain as the run progressed.

We went pass some Orang asli huts and their orchard and words were heard and murmured in their lingo. Probably amused why a bunch of civilized people were having nothing better to do on a Friday evening, rambling and trespassing their territory. Came across a boulder with a flowing stream and we crossed with caution. Run wise, so far so good.

Darkness was starting to creep in and it's only 7:15pm but everyone were optimistic that the hare will take us out. False hope. The run then treacherous ...... for want for a better word! Those who completed will have their own nuances about the run. Me?  *#!@*%}?!& !!! You go decipher !

There were leeches galore. Everyone have their fair share of the blood suckers! Scribe plucked out at least 5 sticking on me. Those who got the leeches stuck on them when they came out have the ladies screaming and avoiding them ....... like leeches! These were minor irritants compare to 'real thing' that were to follow.

We were in total darkness but thanks to those who brought torchlights, we were not groping aimlessly. Still many got pricked by the thorns. On the descend some were doing mud slides due to the slippery conditions. A few bruised bumps and scratches were our reward.

Coming to the last check, the FROP's were have difficulty breaking it and almost everyone caught up and converged at the waterfall area. According to them, about 30mins were spent looking for papers but to no avail. We were trying to contact the hare but there was no reception in the area. 

Another attempt was made to look for papers and finally someone shouted On! On! on the right and by now, many being exhausted and dehydrated, had to make another climb up under slippery conditions and eventually another downhill for home, also under similar conditions. Marderfarker !!! This has to be utter to show our contempt. 

There were some who avoided these stretches as they met the hare and co-hares on the way in and were advised to turn back. (Probably the hare will get some sympathy votes for this sound advice).They must have been one relieved bunch after hearing the torrid situation on what the rest went through. First group out at about 8:20pm and last one at about 9pm. Total distance covered approx 5.8km.

Circle was a boisterous affair and Music Ranger made numerous attempts to get the floor attention to get the culprits under cunt-trol but felt on deaf ears. Apparently the 'noisy neighbors' were some loquacious ladies guest brought by Sir Iron Head. (Go read my Hash Commandment No: 2 & 7 before the club get plunged into another chaotic situation).

Virgin hare, Larry Teo was baptized Fishy Omega Oil by RA2 Yak about a month ago but GM turned RA and changed it to Oily. Aaah ...... yours truly would like to make a teenie weenie request. Can I also change my hash name to ........ Mr Handsome (sounds too sissy !). How about Hunky. (No...too macho!). Blogger? ( Whaaoo .... you make my day). Who wants to be next? Got my gist !!! If still in doubt go read my Hash Commandments No:5. Enough said!

My 2Cts Worth
"Bloody animal run". Words spoken from an ex animale himself. (Animale is described as a species of hasher who runs on a Male chapter and setting a 'kau kau' run is a norm and the moniker was made famous by the PJ Animale who runs on Monday. ( Any error is regretted ).

There was an element of animalelism in today's run. Could it be that the few co-hares who are or were running with the PJ Animale laying the traits of their behavioral instincts in setting this run or was it a case of non recce, let's walk where the trail took us and hope for the best and expect the worse and we'll sort it out somehow if we encounter any problems with our hashing experience ?

Truth be told, the area looks promising. ( A recce would be a must). If daylight was longer and there was no rain, the run would have been a good workout. The virgin hare was quick to pay for his penance by offering stout to those who completed the run. Hope he'll be wiser by this experience. Thanks for the sarong and the not that spectacular but nevertheless appetizing dinner, which was well earned. 

HyperSmash Pingates

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