Sunday, October 6, 2013

Run @ Greenhill, Punchak Alam (4/10/13). Hare: Sir Papa

Juicy saying a private prayer. Let it not be a long run. I brought a guest today.

Let's enjoy the space while we can. Matter of time before the shop lots are occupied.

Business looked pretty slow.

Having a hearty meal.

Too tired to CNN (cah nee neh!)

Leading the pack out. CNN ! All because of Juicy

Welcome aboard. You'll soon discover the beauty and the beast of hash.

That'll be Kernel, Kwai Loh & Taikor. Combined biological age, more than 200 years. Number of hashing years combined, above 100 years. Yep. Not a typo error !

The blissfulness of hashing, away from the crowd. All the space to ourselves.

 Camaraderie and talk cock time with fellow members.

In Summary
Officially, it's the first time KH4 is running here. Ah??? If you were here before you'll understood what I meant, otherwise like they said, ignorance is bliss. Weather wise, clear skies but bloody hot! Average crowd of 40+. 

Scribe and Yak were having a conversation on how today's run will go, considering that Messy the appointed co-hare have delegated his responsibility to Prince Charming. Yah, yah, yah, you saw it coming. The notorious, he never learned guy !!!

This area according to unconfirmed stories is where the Atlantuya mysteries happened. Unfortunately through out the run there were no traces of such incident. Maybe nature and time have covered the trail, as the run was through virgin but not dense secondary jungle.

There were 2 major climbs, good enough to drench us in sweat considering the sweltering conditions. Some were struggling uphill but no major concern for regular hashers. 1st check was a falsie and we took some time to find connecting papers. The break enable a few to take the  opportunities to short cut as they could easily see the home trail.

First runner out at about 7:15 and the majority were in by 8pm except for the last group of 6 people who came out at 9pm due to a first time guest who held them back. Kudos to them for their unselfish act in taking care of her. Distance covered was approx. 3.8km. 

Scribe maybe over zealous in criticizing Prince Charming but my conspiracy theory is that because there were 2 ladies co-hares, he and the others could be under 'cunt-trol' and may have to restraint themselves from going into overdrive. If I'm wrong then credit to him for setting a good run. 

During circle JM and RA 1 were trying to share the good, the bad and ugly of hashing. Wonder how many were listening and if they do, will such good advice be heeded or be treated as another bunch of codswallop.

My 2 Cts Worth. ( It'll be a dollar after you finish reading )
If KH4 is a town and I'm the mayor, I 'll hung the hare on high ground so that everyone can tickle his toes and he'll be constipated with laughter for treating his responsibilities as a hare to be a joke. 

When circle was in session he conveniently ignored the box and were chatting away with his group at another corner. For reasons best known to him they drove off at about 8:45pm. The reason according to the JM was that they were going to a temple function. My foot !!! If anyone have seen them dressed up, would have concluded that they were heading for the bright lights of the city. 

The least he could have done if he have another party elsewhere would be to address the crowd, offered his apologies and we would have accepted it.

Being all dressed up he may fear to face the wrath of the ice but being reasonable people we would have accepted his defiance in good faith. Throwing in a few crates of beer and proving food does not absolve him of his responsibilities.

He is not the first, neither will it be the last. Until such a time when the club decide to take action against such culprits such incidents will continue to occur.

My take is that you set a run once every 2 years or so ( and not every 2 months ! ) and you are aware of the date. Surely one can plan their schedule and make time when you are the hare, unless unforeseen circumstances happened then that is acceptable.

What the hare did was in contempt of the basic rules hashing. He may not be aware just like those before him and it's about time the club take stern actions against the next culprit as a deterrent. Otherwise, as quoted by a senior hasher sometime ago of a similar incident, " We should get good riddance of bad rubbish ! " Pingates

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