Thursday, December 26, 2013

Run @ Setia Eco Park (19/12/13). Hare: Recycle

 Starting trail

As from tonite I shall renounced my legal given name and shall be known as Toy Boy. This I said in the name of my Hash Temple, which is the Beer Wagon. This I said in the name of my Hash Religion, which is Klang Hash. This I said in the name of my Hash God, which is the Tiger Bottle. 

 Getting into the Christmas spirit.

In Summary

A cool evening due to a mid afternoon shower, greeted us as we gathered for today's run at Klang Hash adopted home ground, Setia Eco Park. For those who aren't aware of Klang Hash original 'home', it was then called Furukawa. Due to development there, the area is no more conducive to hashing.

Hare and his other half were greeting us at the runsite before the start off time and it was duly learned that the run was set in the morning and was assisted by what he claimed to be his co hare, ex member Tiger. JM somnambulism was noticeable as he was awaken by the shout of Kernel to flag off the run.

Across the open area we strolled, passed a stagnant pond and from there onwards it was trekking through new and virgin trails. Absence of any hash papers and trodden path bear testimony to this statement. The early downpour didn't make it treacherous but the terrain was made difficult due to the sogginess and unchartered territory.

Paper were not consistently laid at certain stretches and caused vexations to many of us. As darkness creeped in, even in groups and with torchlights on, we were groping in the dark. Time was wasted searching for the connecting papers. The fact that the trail was meandering and undulating made our task more difficult. Credit to those who were considerate enough to lay some new papers, as they were concern about the back runners.

1st runner out at about 7:40 pm and the last group at 9pm. Distance covered was almost 4km, as measured by my GPS but the hare claimed that his showed 5.6km. The discrepancies ? I got no idea ! When we were out some of us were sounding pugnacious and were quick to seek the hare to let him know that we took umbrage for his stinginess to lay enough papers, Battery Rosak being one of them as he was amongst the last to be out.

During circle a few announcements were made. One was that the club finance is in a healthy position. The other was the non payment of subs due. A few members were denied their beer quota because of this and while some took the liberty to pay up immediately so that they can enjoyed their beers, one recalcitrant didn't do so and stormed off after being denied his share. Let's hope cool heads prevailed and when he comes to his senses next week, he'll realized that the action by the club was justifiable.

My 2 Cts Worth

The current situation being such, it rains when it rains, the hare having set his run in the morning and having rained in the afternoon, should have prepared the FROP's and the others with sufficient papers, knowing for a fact the the earlier papers will be soiled and fresh ones need to be laid. No doubt, some were given but it was insufficient. His Eng Choon-ness shows ! In fact, he was smiling gleefully when confronted by some about his mishaps.

With regards to the non payment of sub and your quota of beer being denied, it's written in the constitution, thus a no brainer here! As Kernel vehemently decreed to scribe, a non payment or default of sub gives one no justification to argue. Any half past six lawyer can tell you, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." Moral of the story : Want your beers? Pay your sub, otherwise keep your big f**king mouth shut !!! 

( Scribe have the misfortune to suffer the same fate two weeks ago but the situation was amicably sorted out with the On Cash, thus these words were harshly written to remind everyone, yours truly included, having a bout of somnambulism when it comes to paying your sub it's no f**king excuse !!! Once, acceptable. Twice, you are asking for shit ! Thrice ! ... better say FO and bye bye.)

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