Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Run @ Greenhill, Punchak Alam (29/11/13). Hare: Loud Cock

Newspaper on his left, clock on his right. Trying to sound intelligent or looking silly !

That's what hashing will do to you when you only drink but not run !

The lady co hares were too shy to show themselves.

Laurel would gladly open his arms and ..... legs !

In Summary

Those driving to the run site at about 5:30pm would have experienced the heavy downpour hitting down relentlessly but just as the run was about to start at 6pm, miraculously it suddenly stopped. The hare must have been one relief person.

Rather predictably, we went in the usual starting trail. As promised by the JM during circle last week, we went through a different path. After the 1st check, we could see the new housing area on the left and many would have thought that home beckoned. 

But the hare took us for a steep gradual long ascend and then down into a valley to be followed by another climb, though not as tough as the first one. Once we hit level ground and saw the open area, familiarity would have sensed that it's home. 

1st runner in just under an hour and the last at 7:40 pm, being KH4 newest couple, doing a 'pakthology' in the jungle, taking their sweet time to come out. Though the trail was make soggy by the rain, scribe noticed the absence of muddied bumps. Probably everyone are wiser now and come prepared and experiencing running here has been a good teacher.

RA long absence resulted in him launching into his verbiages to making up for lost time, though it was not falderal in nature. In fact, he managed to tickle a few funny bones.

JM as well as being the co hare, was also the chef and he managed to whip up an appetizing dinner which was not the usual menu from the regular caterers. The meal prepared straight from the stove was well received.

Commercialism have creeped into this area as can be seen from the on going renovations in some of the shop lots. Another hashing terrain will be out of bound soon. 

My 2 Cts Worth

The last run here being a disaster, (the last group out at 11:30pm), today's run could be classified as 'pussy' but yours truly shall not have an hidden agenda and thus credit shall be given to hare and his co hare for having the common sense to set a sensible run. 

We'll be running here again this Friday and the run have been contracted to Prince Charming (PC). We know what happened when he co hared the last run here and PC being PC, we can only hope for the best and expect the worst ! Any thing better than his last will be a bonus.

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