Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Run @ Bkt. Subang (22/11/13). Hare: Slow Ass

Yours truly, Slow Ass, the Hare.

Guess who is the uninvited guest ?

Earned her hash name because she caught a live rooster during a hash run. Believe it or not !

Your cure for your constipation problem.

It's confirmed. Constantly sitting on ice will restore your virginity. TUVM ( Thank you very much).

In Summary

With the recent evening downpour being unpredictable and dark clouds hovering above, a silent prayer was whispered by yours truly. Arrived at the run site at about 3:15 pm and were greeted by the presence of 2 uninvited co-hares, namely Power Ranger (though he did seek consent) and Gold Digger (GD).

Half an hour later my 2 consultants co-hares arrived and Messy was quick to suggest another area. Thus we drove a short distance in from our usual spot passing through some newly built but vacant houses. 

The last minute change caught yours truly unaware and not adequate hash signs were made and have to do a quick McGyver thing. There were some complaints but eventually all found the new parking area.  (As a general rule, follow the direction of the last one until you see the next sign).

Just as we were about to go in at about 4:10pm, scribe was duly informed that the usual FROP's were away at a Gasing Do in Lumut. Instinctively, yours truly goes into a cautious mood, a quick mental note to keep the checks uncomplicated.  

Messy, the chief engineer, lead the pack. Loud Cock followed suit and was quick to delegate the laying of the trail to Gold Digger and yours truly was last, to ensure that the papers were properly laid. Power Ranger kept his own counsel.

At the early stage when we came across the fringes of a jungle, Messy pointed to indicate whether to go in or not and before I could answer GD read my mind and said "No". The run was mainly through oil palm and 4 checks were laid. Many would have noticed the continued presence of Wanker papers.

When we came out at about 5:40pm, home was just a stone throw away. We took a peep and saw there was a crowd. My co-hares looked at me, asking, "Another 20 mins before the run starts, shall we wait for them to go in and should we walk out ?" We chose the latter. 

Total distance covered was 4.8 km. 1st runner, Ubat, out at 6:40pm and the last at 7:20pm. Claimed that he could have been out earlier if not for the fact that beside breaking the last 2 checks, in the absence of FROP's he has to connect the papers himself.

At about 10pm, there was only a core group of 10 left. At another corner, some outsiders were having their own private party. No wanting to invite trouble, we adjourned and drove out to another location, our usual run site. Under the bright street lights, the merriment resumed. Yours truly left at about 11:30pm with the rest still continuing the camaraderie.

Last but not least 

As was expected by yours truly, when we came out before 6pm, Laurel was quick to admonish me, " Eh, you don't practice what you preach ah!! " Those of you who have been reading my blog will know how I advocate that hares should not be seen before the run start. On that count, I'm guilty as charge !

During circle when Music Ranger was asked to comment about the run and he succinctly mentioned, " It took 3 batangs to set a pussy run". Couldn't said it better, considering collectively the 3 Batangs have clocked close to 100 years of hashing. Again as the hare, I take responsibilities. Guilty as charge !

Other misdemeanors include complaints of not enough papers at the start, absence of hash signs at strategic points which induced members into confusion of where the car park is. Again, guilty as charge !

With so many offenses being committed, if you were the judge, would you direct your jury (ie You! You! & You!) to come to a verdict of "Guilty", where the sentence will be to hang the hare on high ground and tickled his toes so that he'll be constipated with laughter (yah, you've read it before somewhere) or dismissed today's run due to technicalities and ....... ahem, I'm being narcissistic here, he's a nice guy, we'll give him an On Down, make him sit on ice with his pants down so that all the girls, oops I meant the gays can admired his bump, (which was what I did anyway during circle.) Sentence passed, case dismissed. Next one please !

My 2 Cts Worth.

Granted today's run maybe 'pussy' in nature, but would you want a 'lang cheow' run like what were experienced of late, getting lost in the jungle, coming out at 10-11pm, muddied, treacherous and jungle bashing terrains. I rest my case. 


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