Friday, November 15, 2013

Run @ Bkt. Beruntung, Rawang (8/11/13). Hare: Cockpit

Ample parking space with plenty to spare.

One Man Show due to absence of GM and RA

The most obnoxious guy in KH4, in his song as well as his language. If ever there was a contest for vulgarities he would win it hands down. 

Succulent BBQ & roast pork that melt in your mouth. Needless to say there was no leftovers.

Who's These Fellows ! What The Fark ! Ouch it hurts !

In Summary

Being the first time KH4 is running here, everyone arrived at the run site without any complaints. The GPS co ordination and well described details in the newsletter surely helped, not forgetting the well placed hash signs. We parked our cars at some abandoned shophouses and the surrounding residential areas looked like a ghost town with hardly any residents.

When Kernel arrived at about 5:30pm he was queried by a few, " Why you didn't go in and set the run." "Intelligently" he replied, "I'm not the hare!", which was of course his better half, Cockpit. 

At about 5:45pm, the consultant co hares came out and most of us were inquisitively observing their attires for any signs of 'kau kau' run. Baby Chameleon (BC) was the targeted person and many were anxious to probe her for details about the run. Her soiled shoes was a subject of inquiry and she was quick to reply that if you have 'ostrich' legs like Prince Charming (PC) (not the exact words, but something to that effect) then it shouldn't be a problem but otherwise ...... ? We'll soon discover during the run.

GM was still on his extended vacation and JM, not on one of his somnambulism moments, was punctual in calling On! On! at 18:00. Terrain wise, it was reminiscent of days of hashing in the 80's, rubber estates and oil palm, a runner's terrain, no major climb and no detestable soggy trail.

The  4 checks were well laid and it managed to hold the pack together, with the last one at the pond area causing a slight delay as the 2 FROPs, Lucky Cock & Ubat and the 2nd group comprising of Laurel, Sir F.Low & Guest Ah Bee, being too far apart to hear them shout On On, thus making us do an unnecessary time wasting back check. 

Surprisingly in the midst of the rubber estate we can across a shiggy, a puddle of water with a 3 foot floating log which some may have tried to balance themselves crossing it but ended up ankle length soaked in their shoes, thus the mystery of BC soiled shoes solved ! Juicy claimed that she was able to skimmed through without getting wet. Fat chance ! Unless she piggy ride on somebody or she has found a Super Hero in KH4 that we are not aware of. 

1st runner in at about 7:20pm and the last at 7:55pm. Total distance covered was 7.5 km. JM have the stage to himself due to the absence of GM and the 2 RA's and have to be at his witty and oratory best to keep the crowd from turning boisterous. 

To welcome back Music Ranger after a two weeks absence on the recent brouhaha, JM asked him to take the box as the stand in RA in which he delivered his responsibilities with panache, by putting those chatterboxes on ice, almost getting an ovation from the floor.

My 2 Cts Worth

This area have all the ingredients of a good run site. Ample parking space. Away from prying public eyes. Good running terrain of rubber trees and oil palm. Easy assessibility via the highways. But conspicuously missing were existence of hash papers which will clearly indicate that this location is not a favorite amongst the hashing fraternity. Wonder why ? 

Credit to the hare other half, Kernel for living up to his hashing endeavors, ie to continuously discover and find new run sites for Klang Hash. Those of you who have ran long enough would surely recalled Kernel many discoveries, which he did while he was in his noble profession, chah fay kay. (Not tah fay kay aahh !!!). 

Being airborne and few thousands feet above sea level, it offered him a panoramic view below and he is able to spot a good run site miles away. Not only that, he does an airborne recce too ! He has since retired and but that has not diminished his endeavors. 

Back to today's run, due to his medical conditions this run was "sub-contracted" out. His maxim has always being, "Minimum 3 recces" which the consultant co hares didn't do.

Chances of getting lost in a rubber or oil palm estates are rare. If you have a good sense of direction or use a compass, setting a run in this area would not be a problem. The way the trail was laid indicated that this to be so. As PC was quick to confess, taking into consideration the distance covered, under another circumstances today's run would have been screwed !

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