Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Run @ Greenhill, Punchak Alam (1/11/13). Hare: Silent Gorilla

Silent, Prince Charming et al. Parcel? A busy body who wants his picture taken.

All raised please! We gonna sing the National Anthem. Oops, sorry. Slip of the tongue, not the fault of the mind. I meant to say, " Here's direction to Cockpit's run next week." 

That's how you spell her hash name, just in case you don't know. How I know ? Cos I'm the one who baptized her, in comparison to Jennifer Lopez the Hollywood actress, maybe not totally but surely sexily in one way or another.

JM shying away for fear of getting caught in the act together with Parcel

 See story below.

 1st Friday of the Month is Sarong Day in KH4. These were the non compliant group. Cartoon being the youngest and having the juiciest ass volunteered to sit on ice.

Q: Who's the most good looking guy? A: Second from right. That'll be ....ME ! Those who guess correct pls collect your beer from me on 22/11.

In Summary
Wow! This run site seems to be a favorite of late and also the flavor of the month as we'll be running here again on the 29th. Probably hashers taking opportunity of this area before it's occupied and out of bound by then. 

JM was deep in thoughts before he was reminded by scribe it's time to start off the run at 6pm. Having run here twice it's rather predictable where the in and out trail will start and end. 

In queue, everyone followed the lead pack led by Sir Farter Low. The 1st check was just after the abandoned Indon settlement, which was easily broken. It swerved right and going downward. From the stretch on, it was a new trail, mainly virgin but not dense jungle and as we moved along the peripheral sound of vehicles could heard on the right. 

We seem to be go in and in and then came across the 2nd and final check. As Laurel duly said, "It has to go up", which it did. A massive gradual climb and when daylight was spotted at the horizon we made another detour downwards. Sensing a long run, JM plus a few short cutted at this point.

As we plotted along, the rain came, making the trail slippery at certain stretch. (  Another dirty laundry to clean up for the weekend. Fcuk !!). All said, we were to make another descend and climbed another peak till we hit the lights at the construction area and saw a group of about 10 members, who somehow managed to avoid the second hill, for a good 15 mins walk back.

1st runner back at about 7:20pm and the last group 'mercifully' rescued and coming out at 11:20pm !!! Total distance covered 4.05km. New members Oily Larry and Alex were separated from the pack and somehow managed to find the way home, via the Punchak Alam road. They couldn't find papers and were smart enough to look for lights and sound of vehicle, coming out at about 8:30pm.

The lost pack of 7 members communicated via mobile to state their position but somehow shit, sorry chief co hare, Prince Charming (PC) was as cunt-fused as them on their location to advise further.

When circle was over and members well satiated, a search party was organized. Leadership by example, JM led the pack together with PC and Ubat and managed to rendezvous with the lost group and brought them out at the said time. Hare was smiling gleefully and passing out 100+ upon seeing them coming out at the in trail. 

My 2Cts Worth
Enough have been said and written on how a run should be set and so forth and  I shall not sound like a broken record, least someone will said, " Eh, you smart alec, why don't you do your share of the 'dirty job' and co hared a run ".

While a hare is never driven by schadenfreude when members get lost in the jungle due to his over zealousness in wanting to set a good run, common sense and a level of consideration must be in order as we never know what may prevail in the jungle as history in KH4 have shown, though not many but one bad episode is good enough to piss you off for a lifetime.

For those with short memories and newly joined members, those who have witnessed and experienced those torrid situations would be most please to share their experiences ...... again ! No beer required

P/S: Feel free to share your thoughts and comments. Just go to the column below and bang your 2cts / $2 worth. It may earn you a beer or two. On! On!


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