Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Race Is Over !

Congratulations to Messy and the newly elected committee for 2014/15. Members have spoken and decided that they are the ones who are going to chart the course of KH4 for the next 12 months or so.

My sincere thanks to the cast and crew of THE TEAM for coming in, despite some unfavorable comments and feedbacks. To quote, " It's better to have fought and lost then to have never fought at all." Thanks for keeping the faith. 

Now the dust has all been settled, let's continued to enjoy our weekly runs. But .......  don't forget to contribute where necessary, criticized when there are relevant points to raise without any fear, question the committee when you are in doubt about matters of the club.

Do we have nefarious intentions by doing so? Are we being pugnacious? If one can't see the woods for the tree, it boiled down to the noble intention, "WE LOVE KLANG HASH !"

As for yours truly, this blog will continue to say/contribute/write/criticize and what not it's 2 Cts or $2 worth! Readers of this blog would be by now familiar on the my way I scribe. I may sound mordant at times and caused certain vexations to those who happened to the pun of my article but I can assure you that there were never ever any malice intended. 

On! On!

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