Monday, April 14, 2014

Run @ Aman Puri, Kepong (4/4/14)

Hare/Co Hares: Prince Charming. Assisted by Left Ball, Messy & Early Bird.

Weather wise / Attendance: Cool evening with about 40 ++members.         

Joint Run ???: Those who arrived early would have noticed a big crowd and some unfamiliar faces. Apparently another chapter, Friday Hash House Harriers was also sharing the same runsite as us. There were a number of SYT (sweet young thing) and hot chicks amongst them. Cartoon and Laurel were salivating and probably hoping to get them into their wish list.

Beer man woes!: Everyone were surprised to see the presence of our ex beer man Ravi, as it was reliably heard that he was axed from serving us as his company could not fulfilled their beer quotas. He did us a favor today as the current one from Klang was reluctant to come due to the distance. GM, Messy announced on the box during circle that we may switch back to long cool dane, Carlsberg.

For those not in the know, that was the original beer of Klang Hash for maybe 2 decades and well served by their beer men until one smart alec decide to switch to GAB Tiger and we have been having this occasional problems of the beer men services since. 

The Run: As being scribed many times by yours truly, the notoriety of the hare knows no bound. Today's run was no exception. As was told by Yak to yours truly, he being one of the FROP's (front runner on paper), caught up with the hare at certain stretch and not only that, yours truly also met up with the 2 co hares, Left Ball and Messy while climbing up a hill. I stopped to check on some papers that were veering left but was told by them and the others behind me to proceed upwards instead.

When the hare was questioned by Kernel during circle whether he recced, he gave a big yawning "NO". With that Kernel rest his case.
Back to the run proper, those who completed the run would have noted the hare's notoriety at play, one moment here, the next there and if he fancy a uphill, up he goes and goes and goes.....! During the home stretch, we have to go down a steep incline in pitch darkness with protruding pipeline and slippery steps and thereafter an endless home run of 3km+ as attested by one of the runner. Last runner out at almost 8:45pm

While some were smart enough to detour or short cut thereby missing all the 'fun', Toy Boy expression of the run told a truer picture. He sat slumped on the bench, water one one hand and staring into the night. When scribe tried to engaged him in a conversation, he'll hardly murmured a few words. But the happiest person had to be Rooster cos she was the last one on paper and if she had not being advised to turn back she would have come out after 9pm with some wadderfark remarks!

Circle: Newly elected Joint Master is still having stage fright, judging from the way he spoke on the box. Mild mannered, few words, not the Bomba Mike that we all know. GM promised to give him a crash course in public speaking so that he can be more garrulous the next time he goes on the box.

Freshly mint and a SYT herself, Baby Chameleon was doing a commercial for her company, pharmaceutical giant GSK, Glaxo Smith & Kline. The wrong protocol was followed and was advised by the floor to go through the committee first.

The Final Word ..... : A leopard can never change it's spot, can he? So we'll try not to tame the hare for fear of what he may metaphor into ! We'll leave him at his instincts best .... or worst ! So come prepare for what he may throw at us when he hare or co hare a run. Regardless, I'm sure he has the best  interest of us at heart.

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